Friday, 15 December 2017

Why Website Speed Is Crucial and Ways to Boost It

We are in an internet age where span of attention is very minimal; this demands speed in every arena! When we switch channels on television just to skip the advertisements, isn’t it too much to expect our website users to cling to our website when takes too long to load? IT consulting firms are giving clear clues that loading time of a website is a significant aspect of any website’s user experience and these days page loading is becoming crucial for the search engine rankings as well.
What happens if your website is loading slowly?
According to surveys majority of the internet users expect a website to load in 2 seconds on an average and when this doesn’t happen, users don’t have enough patience to wait for the page to load that results in page abandonment. If the website is related to e-commerce, then the results would be more disheartening for the website owners. Online shoppers do not visit the same site again and also give their opinion to their friends that spread negative publicity for the website.

How to increase webpage loading speed?
By now we know that the speed with which a webpage loads is critical for every business. Here are few ways suggested by IT consultants that help you improve your webpage loading speed.

  1. Webhosting Company:  The page speed of your website largely depends on the hosting company you choose for the site. IT consultants will help you in choosing the right hosting company that offers high network uptime and ensures quick transfer of data from the server to the user.
  2. HTTP requests: More than 3/4th of the load time is used for downloading different elements of a webpage like images, stylesheets, scripts etc. The more these elements are used on your webpage, the more time it takes to load because for each one of these elements an HTTP request has to be made. One of the quickest ways to increase your site speed is to simplify your web design by reducing the number of elements in your webpage and consolidating multiple styles sheets as one.
  3. Compression of files: Get some IT support and reduce the bandwidth of your pages with compression. Large pages with a lot of high-quality content are often big size files which take a lot of time to download. To eliminate this problem, the files can be zipped with the technique of compression that takes less storage space.
  4. Browser caching: We have seen how sending HTTP requests for each element of your webpage reduces your site loading speed. To tackle this issue, you have to enable caching of the components of your website when a visitor visits your site for the first time. IT support professionals can do this job, which reduces the download time in subsequent visits there improving your site loading speed.
  5. Image optimization: Images with large size take a longer time to load.  Hence, this requires proper image optimization considering the size, and format.
  6. Reduce plugins and redirects: Numerous plugins and redirects also slow down your site loading time. Too many plugins may result in technical issues and redirects increase the additional HTTP requests. Hence, if you want your website to load faster, minimize the number of plugins and redirects.

We know that these tips are difficult to be implemented and need some technical expertise. For this reason, we are here to help you. Visit Accuprosys, one of the top IT consulting firms in Hyderabad, to boost your website speed and improve your business.

Corporate Identity – Why it is crucial for a Business

Corporate identity plays a vital role in the success of an organization. It is the way in which an organization or company presents itself to others. It is to be understood that your company’s identity has a strong impact on the sales and marketing plans for your products/services. Creation of corporate identity is a process that has to be dealt with due care with proper guidance from corporate branding services. This involves a lot of brainstorming in identifying and distinguishing your company from the competitors.

Corporate Identity and Corporate Image 
Before you try to understand how to create a corporate identity, it is needed to understand the difference between corporate identity and corporate image. Branding firms can help you in developing strategies to create your corporate identity and build your corporate image. 

  • Corporate identity – It is the way you want people to perceive your company.
  • Corporate image – It is the way people perceive your company.

What are the elements that make corporate identity?
Logo, typography, and color are the key elements of corporate identity that are used to create a visual identity for your company. However, there are some more elements like your business cards, advertisements, the stationery your company uses and your business etiquette that affects your company’s identity. 

How to create corporate identity?
The process of creating your corporate identity will mainly have three stages – determining the identity; designing the identity and communicating the identity.

  1. Determining the identity: Creating corporate identity is a process where initially you have to determine how your company and your product are different from others in the market. Then you have to identify your company’s vision and mission and how you want to see your company over the next few years. A brand consultant can help you in creating your identity in line with your vision and mission. In this process you ought to consider three important factors – a) type of product; b) target market; and c) competitors. Depending on these three factors corporate branding services companies will identify strategies to create your corporate identity.
  2. Designing the identity: This is a crucial stage in the creation of corporate identity, where you design and create the elements that project your identity. Depending on your product type and target market you have to establish your identity with a look and feel that is consistent with all your communications. The most important element is the logo that is projected in all your advertisements, promotional materials and business cards. 

Logo for a company is that one element which conveys the essence of the company instantly.

A logo is that very crucial element in designing your corporate identity that, you should never hesitate to seek professional help from a brand consultant.

  • Communicating the identity: Once you have created your company logo and other elements that are part of corporate identity, it is time you project your identity to the stakeholders, partners and customers. You should use your logo and other elements in all your communications. Apart from the logo, there are certain physical aspects of your company that project your corporate identity. They are the location of your office, the furniture and interiors of the office that reflect on how serious you are about your business and its success. Another thing that matters in communicating your corporate identity is your business behavior. Your employees are your walking brand ambassadors and their happiness at workplace tells a lot about your identity.

If you are a new company, or one who has made mistakes in creating your corporate identity, consult Accuprosys, one of the best branding firms in Hyderabad, to manage your corporate identity issues.

Employee Wellness and Its Importance for an Organization

What is that an employee wants to be happy in his job apart from the salary? A good workplace is an answer. The concept of a good workplace should be a part of every office work culture. But, many organizations don’t know what it is or what its importance is. A good workplace may be understood as one that offers challenging work; has scope for fun; has friendly co-workers and environment and rewards appropriately for the work done. These all elements of good workplace work towards the employee well-being and the organizational well-being according to the human resource consultancy experts.

The wellbeing of all the employees in an organization shows the organizational well-being and impacts an organization’s success. Laying emphasis on the wellness of employees pays great dividends and this can be achieved by having perfect strategies to encourage employees at all levels and recognizing their valuable contributions to the organization’s success. We shall see here few reasons that make employee well-being an important aspect of organizational success.

  • Wellness of employee affects the performance: Various studies have proved that the emotional and physical health of employees has an impact on the way they perform their jobs. HR consulting firms say that people who are happy in their personal lives and have good health are more likely to be committed to their jobs and perform well. This can be attributed to their ability to handle work pressure and stress related to deadlines. These people not only perform better but also bring positivity to the whole environment.
  • Results in less absenteeism: Employees who have issues with their health emotionally or physically are more prone to illnesses and fall sick often. Because they can’t take leave often, they work but their productivity levels fall considerably. HR consultants suggest that focusing on employees’ health and bringing in activities that improve their health prove to be profitable in the long run. Healthy employees have less absenteeism and work much harder to reach the organizational goals.
  • Helps in retaining employees: Human resource consultancy professionals opine that providing a supportive environment to the employees and laying emphasis on their overall well-being helps in retaining employees for a longer time. Working with happy teams and other employee benefits like retirement options and employer contribution towards health insurance plans makes the employees feel that the employer cares for them and this helps in staying with the company for a long time.

HR consultants say that employee well-being is vital to an organization’s success and this is established by many surveys also. The more employees are appreciated at work, the better they feel in their personal lives and vice versa. Partner with Accuprosys, one of the top HR consulting firms in Hyderabad, for assessing and planning your employee wellness programs.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Reasons Why Restaurants Should Go the Mobile App Way

Smartphones have a taken a very important place in our lives. According to some estimates, over 300 million people in India are using smartphones. And we know that smartphones are not just used for calling purpose, but they are used for varied purposes ranging from calculation to shopping, watching movies to making movies. The uses of smartphones are growing every day with the imagination of people who are developing mobile apps for the smartphones. If you are into business, you should know the potential of a smartphone as a marketing tool. These days more and more businesses are entering into the world of mobile apps as they are an effective way to reach their target customers. If you are in the business of restaurants and don’t have a mobile app for your business yet, then it is high time you get one. Here are some reasons why you should get a mobile app developed by the IT consulting firms.

  • People are going the smartphone way: More and more people are joining the bandwagon of smartphones and they want to experience everything on their phones. When people browse your website on their phones it’s a bit tedious because not all websites can be viewed in all kinds of smartphones. The solution to this can be given by the IT support people who can make a mobile app for your business that is compatible with all smartphones.
  • Get more customers: There are quite a number of IT consultants in Hyderabad who can create great mobile apps. When you have a mobile app for your restaurant that means you are making it easy for new customers to know everything about you at fingertips. If anyone is searching for your location, then the app helps in finding the exact location. When they are searching for restaurants that suit their taste buds and pockets you don’t miss the opportunity of marketing your business. Moreover, for those who want to reserve a table, it is pretty much easier to reserve through the app.
  • Easy menu access: It is easier to take orders remotely and provide the customers what they want if they have access to a clear menu in your app. The IT consulting firms can help you in a great way to make your mobile app easily navigable and have an easily accessible menu.
  • Instant and direct communication channel: The IT support professionals create mobile apps that facilitate instant and direct communication with the customers through which they can be informed about any special events, offers or discounts that can be an effective way of promoting and advertising your business and at the same time help in improving the bond with your customers.

What are you waiting for? Get the mobile app developed for your restaurant business now! Accuprosys has the top IT consultants in Hyderabad who can make your business presence felt in the mobile app world with their dependable IT solutions.

Tips to Select the Perfect Domain Name

The one thing that predominantly differentiates a website from another is its domain name. So, it becomes very important for every website owner to choose the domain name with due care because making people remember a domain name and type it in the address bar of the browser is difficult. It becomes all the more important in case the business needs offline promotion as well with the online promotion. In the internet world, your domain name is the thing that is the most important tool for brand building. So, it is better if you follow some tips given by web hosting service companies before choosing the domain name.

  • Choose an easy one: This is the first and foremost thing to remember that a domain name should be easy to spell and pronounce. Another thing to be noted is that the name should not have multiple spellings.
  • Choose one that can be remembered easily: For getting repeat users for your website IT consulting firms suggest that the domain should be easy to remember. It should be a unique name that users don’t get confused with the names of competitors. Using a hyphen, dot or random numbers should be avoided to eliminate confusion and make the name simple to remember.
  • Positive tone: Using words that denote positivity or invoke positive images will make it easier for users to remember and recollect the domain name faster and for a longer time because people tend to process and remember information better and connect to it in a positive way when they can relate the information to positive images or associations.
  • Include the concept: IT support professionals say that one should always create a domain name that connects to the purpose or topic of the website. A domain name that does not relate to the site’s content will mislead the user and create confusion and it is more difficult to remember such domain names.
  • Keep it short and simple: It’s the common opinion of many IT consulting firms that the domain name should be short and simple to be able to register easily in the minds of users. Because shorter names are the most preferred ones, there is a lot of probability that you find it difficult to get a short name that related to the content of your website and is easy to remember.
  • Make a connection: It is possible to get more visitors remember and repeat visiting your site if they can feel a bond with the site. This can be achieved by making the domain name personally relevant to them by using words like my, our etc.
  • Use keywords: With the help of IT support professionals who are well-versed with SEO ranking concepts, you can try using keywords in your domain name. If you want to use keywords, it is better to keep the keywords in the starting of the domain name. Keywords help in boosting SEO rankings but you have to be careful in using them.

It is a fact that it is not easy to find a perfect domain name that qualifies all or at least most of the things listed here. Moreover, with a number of websites being created every day, it is becoming more challenging to select a domain name that is simple, short and easy to remember. In these circumstances, you will need professionals who can research well for you. Accuprosys is one of the best web hosting service companies in Hyderabad that has all the expertise to help you with your domain name selection and registration.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Realize the Negative Impact of Backlinks

We have seen in one of our recent articles the importance of backlinks and how they can impact your website’s SEO ranking. Branding development companies say that though quality backlinks bring trustworthiness to your website, they can even backfire if they are not from quality websites. In this article let us see some of the types of backlinks that can negatively impact your SEO rankings.

  1. Irrelevant links: Links that are not relevant to your website and the business create a negative effect on the search engine rankings. You should always try to get backlinks from sources that are very much relevant to your website content. For e.g. if your website is about fitness and you have backlinks from music or dance related websites, then they are irrelevant to your site and may backfire.
  2. Automatically generated backlinks: Never go for backlinks that are on sale at a cheap rate. Such backlinks are generated automatically and these links result in getting your website penalized. Also, do not go for backlinks that are generated by bots.
  3. Broken and dead links: Website’s links get broken over a period of time, and that is natural. However, if your website has too many links, either external or internal, that are broken it reduces your site’s search engine rankings.
  4. Anchor text backlinks: Whatever are the sites from where backlinks are coming, if they are built using the same keyword, then chances are there that your website is penalized for the same anchor text.
  5. Low-quality backlinks: Try to avoid backlinks from free directories, wiki pages and forum profiles as these backlinks do not carry much weight and have chances of getting penalized.
  6. Paid links: Many websites buy links on different web pages as it is a great way to reach more users. Branding firms believe that care should be taken to label paid links with a no-follow tag that means these links do not pass through the ranking power.

Branding development companies can guide you in the matters related to backlinks as they can either improve your search engine rankings or backfire your rankings. For more information on backlinks and how to build backlinks that work positively for your website’s SEO ranking, visit Accuprosys, one of the best branding firms in Hyderabad

How can your managers become leaders?

Usually, people think that the words leader and manager can be used interchangeably. But, this is not true. These two words are distinct and have qualities that many times overlap. As a part of training and development, organizations conduct sessions to impart leadership skills to their employees. However, it is not mandatory that a good leader will become a good manager. But, it is necessary for a manager to be a good leader in order to lead the employees towards the organizational goals. Organizations may lack clarity on leadership skills and managerial skills; however, HR consulting firms know the difference and can help organizations in creating good managers. Given here are few ideas that work towards improving the leadership skills of the employees and make them better managers.

  • Discourage the static status: As a tendency, many people get static with a little achievement in life. The same is true with the managers, who are happy with their position and responsibilities and do not think beyond. But, such a lethargic attitude will not work towards the organizational interests. Hence, organizations should push their managers and create enthusiasm for them to take initiative for new roles and get proactive in whatever they do. A human resource consultancy can always guide the management in analyzing manager behavior and help them perform better.
  • Encourage the risk-taking attitude: The management of an organization should be open and should encourage the staff to take risks because only when risks are taken, there will be big results. HR agency professionals guide organizations saying that it is not possible for everyone to bring success to whatever they do. Managers should be encouraged to take risks and should not be frowned upon when they see failure.
  • Let them explore: The key responsibility of a manager is to see that all the tasks are completed on time. Though this does not require them to execute the task themselves, they do need to understand the process involved in completing a certain task. Then only they will be able to delegate work to their subordinates and for this employees who are potential managers should be entrusted with different responsibilities and should be given a chance to try various roles in the organization and grasp an idea of all the work being done.
  • Delegate and give authority: Human resource consultancy professionals say that as much responsibility is important, so also authority, for managers to get tasks completed. Managers should be delegated their work properly and they ought to be given authority required to perform their job. The managers’ capabilities have to be trusted and they should be given required resources so that they don’t waste their time on menial jobs.
  • Develop successors: Every organization plans and works for growth. Hence, it is the duty of every manager to take initiative and work hard so that they move ahead into more responsible and higher roles. At the same time, they should ensure that they are mentoring one of their subordinates to step into their shoes with all the necessary skills. Organizations can take the support of an HR agency to take care that there is a perfect process in place to develop successors for every key position so that the organization does not suffer in the times of crises.

Accuprosys in Hyderabad is one of the best HR consulting firms that can be approached for all the support for various human resource functions. We have the best pool of professionals to deal with any kind of issue.