Friday, 16 March 2018

Shun Mistakes that Hamper a Perfect Landing Page

What do you think of having your favorite burger just after the workout session? No use of working out, right? The same thing relates to taking your potential customer to your website’s homepage rather than the landing page. It is important that you have a landing page to make your target traffic do what you intend them to. It is not just sufficient to build a landing page, but it needs to be perfect to get the results expected. IT consulting firms advise you to avoid these common mistakes that make your landing pages dumb so that you get more conversions for your business.

  • Ineffective CTA button: If your call to action (CTA) button is not standing out on your landing page, you are missing out the action you intended the user to do. The intention of a landing page is to make the user perform a task that you want for your business growth. According to the IT consultants, one of the most common mistakes in a landing page is adding too many elements that hide the CTA button and confuse the user. When you give multiple options like viewing a demo, downloading a brochure, form to register etc. the user may choose anything, while your exact intention was to fill out the form to register. To avoid this chaos, your CTA should be placed prominently where it is seen clearly and care should be taken regarding its size, color and the white space around it which can be done with IT support.
  • Floppy Headlines: Floppy headlines do exactly the opposite of what great headlines do. Great headlines summarize your business proposition in simple yet catchy words. Headlines that are not in line with the ad or lack clarity counteract with your intentions. To increase conversions and boost the sales it is pivotal to give an effective and relevant headline. 
  • Slow Page Speed: One of the most important factors in the success of a website is its speed. According to experts in IT support, your landing page has greater chances of failure when it takes longer than 5 seconds to load. In some businesses, traffic may bounce even if it takes more than 2-3 seconds. Hence, it is all the more necessary to make sure that the landing page loads really quick. To avoid loss of business due to slow speed, keep your page clutter-free, re-size your images, upgrade your hosting and test your page speed with test tools. 
  • Using irrelevant images and videos: Images that are irrelevant can have a huge negative impact on the conversion rate. Better results can be achieved by using images that exhibit your product or service and the benefits of using your product or service. Take expert advice from your IT consultant and put some high-quality images that generate genuine interest in the landing page and your product.
  • Messy Forms: Including a complicated and messy form is a thing that instantaneously induces the user to abandon the page. Keep your form short and simple with minimal fields to collect data that you need. 

These are some of the most common mistakes that can lead to the failure of your landing page. Enhance your sales prospects by avoiding and rectifying these mistakes. For any further queries, feel free to contact experts at Accuprosys, one of the best IT consulting firms in Hyderabad.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Key Pointers for Organizational Training Programs

Training employees can be a challenging task for an organization in the dynamic business environment that involves both new and existing employees. Dealing with employees and involving them in training and development programs is complicated as well because there are employees who have different opinions regarding training programs. Some may be open and excited towards these programs as they give them an opportunity to grow as individuals and as professionals. At the same time, there may be employees who dislike these programs as they feel that these programs highlight their incapability and show the need for improvement. HR consultancy services professionals feel that it is not just employees that have to be convinced but even the management needs to be persuaded to invest in training and development programs which bring in good results for the organization. Listed here are few pointers that help in building an effective training and development program.

  • Gauge with the competitors: A Management does not accept anything new easily and require solid reasons to invest in a training program and to help them make informed decisions it is required to know what your competitors are doing and how it’s working for them. With the help of an HR consultant, figure out if the customers are satisfied with your services if your vendors are satisfied with the employees they are dealing with etc. Check what the competitors are doing in this regard and what you should be doing to get on the right track.
  • Ask your employees: Human resources consultancy professionals feel that the best sources for compiling information on the needs for organizational training and development programs are the employees of the organization. They are the best to know what they possess and what they lack. Surveying your employees regarding their training needs and analyzing their feedback will show you the areas that need focus. 
  • Coordination with organizational goals: Every management has its organizational goals related to performance, productivity, customer satisfaction etc. Hiring HR consultancy services will help you to align your training programs with the organizational goals to satisfy both the management and employees.
  • Stay focused: Treat your training and development programs like a new business and stay focused to attain success. Ask your HR consultant and make a strategic plan for your program with all the details pertaining to the purpose and expected results of the program, the budget allocated, the return on investment expected, marketing of your program to your employees, and the implementation strategy.
  • Make it a culture: Include training and development in your company culture and make it a life-long activity to have happy employees on board forever. Give prominence to people who complete the programs while promoting and giving responsibilities so that others also get inspired and motivated to take up these training programs.

To run a successful business with happy and satisfied employees is not an easy task and it requires a lot of efforts from the management and HR teams. Feel free to contact the experts at Accuprosys, one of the top HR consulting firms in Hyderabad to handle your training and development needs.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Importance of Social Media in Brand Development

Social media if utilized appropriately can influence your brand value to a great extent. Social media are websites and applications that facilitate social networking among users by creating and sharing content. Social media services can be accessed via desktops, laptops and smartphones which make them an excellent channel to promote a business for its brand development.

Social media is gaining popularity and spreading its wings at an enormous speed which should be cleverly tapped by businesses to improve their brand value and sales. Branding development companies emphasize that leveraging proper social media channels has become vital in today’s age to reach the tech-savvy consumers who are always on the go. By using the social media channel businesses can not only generate more business as online marketing gets easier, but also provide higher levels of customer satisfaction.  Here is a compilation of benefits that lay down the importance of using social media for brand development.

Cost effective ads: With social media, you have the benefit of growing at your own pace as some of the channels allow you to try your ads for free before getting into the business with paid ads. Thus, you can gauge the response to your ad and make any modifications if necessary that makes social media a cost-effective way to promote your business. 

Target audience: Professional branding services suggest leveraging on the luxury social media channels give businesses that the conventional marketing channels do not give. The traditional advertising methods reach out to all the people whereas, with social media advertising, a specific target audience can be reached with ease.

Real-time analysis: The analysis of your ad’s performance in real time boosts your advertising campaign as you can keep a track of whether your ad is working or not according to your expectations. With the detailed analytics available, a brand consultant can suggest you any changes to be made to your ad campaign which can be done instantaneously.

Influencing public opinion: With traditional advertising, you can’t guarantee that your target audience will see your ad and even if they see, they may not ponder over it. But, with social media advertising, you can influence your target audience and also widen your target audience scope. Every time your message is tweeted or liked or shared, your message gets communicated to more and more people. Professional branding services are including social media channel in ad campaigns due to the influence they have on improving your brand worth with the product reviews, recommendation and comments that are favorable to you.

Thanks to the digital gadgets, social media has become an inseparable part of our lives that connects people across the globe with just a click. It’s no wonder it has emerged as an important channel to promote the brand value of a business irrespective of its size. Watch out this space for more interesting info on how to leverage on social media for promoting brand value.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Top Reasons that Make Lose the Sheen of Your Website

Nowadays websites have become the contact point for most of the businesses and the first impression of the website will etch a strong impression on the user for a long time. If the visitor will become a customer or not will be decided within moments the visitor visits a website. The design and layout of your website, especially the homepage will play a vital role in the decision process of a visitor to further probe your website or not. Hence, it makes a lot of sense to create your website such that it is easily navigable and at the same time has an aesthetic look which can be get done by hiring an IT consultant. Are you not able to garner traffic to your website? Is your website not able to hold onto its visitors?  Try to rectify these issues that could be the reasons your website is losing its sheen.

Basic HTML designs: Hiring an IT consulting firm and spending on the design of your website is wisdom rather than wastage of money. Basic HTML designs do not attract visitors and also give rise to the thought of suspicion on the authenticity of the website and its business. So, expenditure on the web design should be treated as an investment and designing should be done appropriately to suit the business needs.

Clutter:  Don’t ever try to give out all the information at the homepage itself as it will only increase clutter on the page and discourage visitors to go ahead and explore your website. By engaging an IT consultant, try to keep your website as simple as possible because simplicity and minimalism are trending in the world of web designing.

Typo/Grammar errors: Make sure your website is not crammed with content that does not have quality and is full of typo and grammar errors. Irrespective of the quality of your product or services, what people generally expect is absolutely flawless grammar and perfect language on the official website as people correlate it with the authenticity of your brand and product. To avoid losing visitors on this ground, better hire an IT consulting firm that can provide reliable content management solutions. 

Distraction by ads: Businesses often get carried away by the thought of generating revenue by offering space to others on their web page. But, this is a bit risky thing and needs a little bit of exercising caution, as ads may be too distracting for your website viewers who may not return to you if there are too many pop-ads and banners. 

Missing contact details: If the contact details of your business are not given on the website, it’s like inviting people without giving your address. Ensure that your website is giving the accurate contact details to interested viewers as these people are showing interest in your product and should not be lost due to lack of contact details. Any changes in the phone number or your physical store address should be immediately updated to hold the trust of customers with timely IT support.

To make the first impression the best impression, make sure you don’t have these issues with your website and contact us for any further queries. Just drop in a mail at info@accuprosys.com and we will be more than happy to help you.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Some Common HR Challenges to Tackle

Organizations, especially small organizations often concentrate more on their finance and marketing functions and analyze their revenues and competitors, but fail to recognize the challenges they face with the workforce of the organization that makes them stand out among competitors and bring revenues for them. Human resources consultancy professionals opine that human resource management can be really challenging, for small businesses that don’t have an HR department to bank upon. Listed here are some common HR challenges that every organization should identify and tackle to run a smooth business.

Statutory compliance: Many organizations start their business on a very small scale and expand their horizons over a period of time. As an organization grows it has to comply with various statutory regulations and complying with these is a struggle for many. To avoid any legal hassles and run the business smoothly, small organizations can hire one of the best HR consulting firms to help them with all the legalities related to the business.

Talent acquisition: Identifying and recruiting the right talent is a challenging task for any organization, more so for organizations, those have not invested in acquiring an efficient HR department. To recruit the right candidates as employees, companies need to build a network through employee referrals, social networks, educational institutes etc. A rewarding option to hire right talent is partnering with HR recruitment agencies that have professionals who can screen the people with the right mix of skills and experience.

Compensation: Deciding on the structure of employee compensation is a major task for small organizations.  They not only have to pay an employee to compete with businesses of similar size but also have to take into consideration the pay package offered by the bigwigs in the industry to attract and retain the best talent. Although salary plays a crucial role in attracting talent, to retain that talent some other benefits and rewards for outstanding performance have to be provided. Employees’ morale should be boosted with a proper reward system in place which can be drafted in consultation with a human resources consultancy for better results.

Productivity: With all things in place also, it is challenging for an enterprise to attain and maintain high levels of productivity from its employees which cannot be expected from employees who are not satisfied with their work profile or manager or the organization. So, it is the responsibility of the managers or HR department to ensure that the employees are satisfied with their jobs. HR consultancy services with all their expertise can provide guidance with regard to employee engagement that would boost the productivity of employees and generate better revenues for the organization.

Payroll: Payroll is one thing that creates a lot of havoc if not done with utmost care and integrity. There are multiple items in a pay slip that have to be calculated diligently so that all the employees get their salaries promptly and accurately. Any kind of errors in payroll will decrease employee morale and result in a dip in productivity and to avoid this, small organizations can outsource this function to a human resources consultancy for a better payroll management.

If your organization is facing any of these challenges or you need any kind of HR support for your business, we will be happy to help you out. Contact us at info@accuprosys.com

Top Benefits of E-mail Marketing

For every kind of business, an easy and affordable way of marketing that consistently delivers a high ROI is email marketing. There are numerous businesses worldwide that are using email marketing effectively and reaping its benefits. Corporate branding services suggest email marketing to all kinds of businesses irrespective of size across industries.  Although a number other marketing channels like social media, search engine optimization have stormed the marketing field, email marketing is still a safe bet due to its profitability and other benefits it offers.

  • Less expensive: The most interesting aspect of email marketing that makes it popular across businesses is the fact that it is less expensive as there are no printing and postal charges and other expenses related to TV and magazines ads. The costs related to email marketing are related to the email automation software and sending bulk emails. However, these costs are considerably low compared to other forms of marketing. 
  • Easy to reach target audience: A brand consultant will surely suggest including email marketing to your branding strategy as it is a sure shot way to reach your target audience with ease. Most of the businesses send their marketing emails to only those customers or potential customers who have shown an interest in the business products by signing up for regular newsletters. Corporate branding services professionals assure that email marketing leads to higher conversion rates as it is targeted at only those people who are interested in the business.
  • Easy to start the email campaign: Email marketing is one which does not require a big team of professionals and a lot of technical know-how to start a campaign. Though some professional help of a brand consultant for making the email campaign a bit fancy with images and videos can be sought, it is not always needed and even a simple text email with quality content can work wonders.
  • Use customer database effectively by segmenting: Branding companies give importance to email marketing as it helps to target the audience by segmenting the customer database according to needs and customize emails specifically for a segment.
  • Communicate frequently: As the cost incurred is very less and it does not take time to create an email campaign businesses can use email marketing more frequently than the other channels. However, it has to be noted that the frequency should not be more than once a week; else, your efforts may result negatively.
  • Easily measurable: Email marketing is one of the best and most easily measurable channels where information can be tracked to identify and draw conclusions if your marketing campaign is working or not. Also, with the help of email platforms that are technologically advanced, businesses can analyze the user response to the email like, how many opened the mail, how many clicked on the link given in the mail etc. 
  • Easy to share: Email marketing facilitates fastest sharing of the content across the globe with a chance to track who is actually reading your email. With an easy click by subscribers to forward the email to their friends it also helps you to reach interested target audience who are not listed in your database.
  • Yields higher ROI: Last but not the least of the benefits, email marketing generates a high ROI that is approximately 4 times higher compared to other channels’ ROI. 

If you have not yet included email marketing in your marketing strategy, it is time you do so. Partner with Accuprosys, one of the top branding companies in Hyderabad, for all your branding solutions.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Types of HR Audit that Can Benefit Your Organization

HR audits are important for an organization as they are significant management control devices. An HR audit is a process of systematic verification of practices and policies followed by the HR department of an organization. It is basically intended to identify the need for and scope of improvement in the HR functions of an organization. It may not be possible for all organizations to carry out an HR audit by themselves due to various reasons. In such cases, they can approach a human resources consultancy that provides HR audit. Let’s us get an understanding of the types of HR audit that are prevalent. 

  • Records Audit: HR consulting firms say that companies should take utmost care in maintaining employee records and an audit for this can be really helpful to identify where there is any inefficiency. To carry on this audit, various things are checked like

  1. Are employees’ files properly maintained
  2. Are all the documents related to an employee like job applications, job descriptions, signed documents, performance appraisals etc. are being filed and maintained properly.
  3. Is all the data related to payroll of the employees maintained accurately.

  • Functions Audit: An HR consultant may be hired to look at the various HR functions and audit how these functions are being conducted. HR functions audit lays stress on the way HR functions are carried out and if they are effective or not. This kind of audit can be further classified on various aspects.
  • Hiring Audits – They focus on the aspect of job descriptions, applications received from candidates, pre-employment screenings and hiring process. These audits confirm if the job descriptions are accurate and include all essential functions related to a job if there is a formal job posting process in place and if the pre-employment screenings are conducted in line with the prevalent regulations. This kind of audit also checks the process followed for hiring an employee like who has a final authority on making a decision, are the references checked etc.
  • Payroll audit: By hiring an HR consultant, this can be carried out to check if the organization is paying the minimum wages to its employees and if it is ensuring to pay equally to all irrespective of their gender and community. This also cross-checks if the benefits are being to employees where they are eligible and the employees’ attendance records are maintained appropriately.
  • Performance evaluation audit: Human resources consultancy professionals should be consulted if necessary for this type of audit because it is very crucial as it deals with the evaluation of an employee’s performance. Only when performance evaluation of an employee is carried out effectively, he/she will be rewarded or awarded appropriately and it helps in retaining the employee with the company. In this kind of audit, it is examined if a system or practice is in place to evaluate an employee’s performance.  This audit also takes care of the practices followed in cases of termination.

  • Compliance audit: The name itself suggests how important it is because everyone has to comply with rules and regulations of the land. This audit measures an organization’s levels of compliance towards the state and central labor laws. A compliance audit will also review all the written and unwritten policies and procedures of the organization to ensure that the organization is abiding by all the mandatory requirements.

It may not be possible for all organizations to conduct these HR audits regularly within the organization with the help of in-house HR professionals. To solve all your HR queries and troubles visit Accuprosys, one of the top HR consulting firms in Hyderabad